Marabu Fashion-Spray Trend-Set

Marabu Fashion Spray

Marabu Fashion-Spray Trend-Set "Caribbean Dreams"


Marabu Fashion Spray Trend Line "Caribbean Dreams".

Bring the summer into your home with Marabu Fashion Spray Trend Set "Caribbean Dreams". The combination of trendy colours in Caribbean style provides a holiday feeling – anytime, anywhere. T-shirts, bags, cushions or curtains can be embellished with your favourite summer style – super fast and easy. In combination with Marabu Fashion Liner you can create the perfect highlights with individual embellishments and great shimmer effects.
The Marabu Trend Set "Caribbean Dreams" turns any textile into a trendy, unique holiday piece.

Contents: 3 x 100 ml 1719 50
Fashion Spray 100 ml in Raspberry 020
Fashion Spray 100 ml in Reseda 091
Fashion Spray 100 ml in Tangerine 212
1 Fashion Liner 25 ml in Shimmer Violet 574

Usage examples

Product high-lights

• Water-based textile spray paints
• Odour-free, light-fast
• Brilliant colours
• Soft to the touch
• For light-coloured textiles with up to 20% man-made fibres
• After fixing washable up to 40°C
• Ideal for free-hand spraying, stencilling and many other techniques