Marabu Fashion-Spray Set „Shibori“

Marabu Fashion Spray

Marabu Fashion-Spray Set „Shibori“


Fashionable textiles in Japanese Shibori style? Super easy with Marabu
Fashion Spray. Wet the fabric thoroughly, fold and tie, spray – done!
The combination of dark blue shades will transform any article of clothing
or home textile in no time into a unique Shibori look item!

- 1x Fashion-Spray 100 ml, 092 Petrol
- 1x Fashion-Spray 100 ml, 141 Sky Blue
- 1x Fashion-Spray 100 ml, 293 Night Blue
- 1x Fashion-Liner 25ml, 581 Shimmer-Silver
- Instructions for various techniques

Usage examples

Product high-lights

• Water-based textile spray paints
• Odour-free, light-fast
• Brilliant colours
• Soft to the touch
• For light-coloured textiles with up to 20% man-made fibres
• After fixing washable up to 40°C
• Ideal for free-hand spraying, stencilling and many other techniques