Vintage chic frame trio

Three very special images or photographs can have pride of place in this frame trio with vintage style. The beautiful, understated washed out effect is created with the Marabu Chalky-Chic chalk paints using the wet technique.




easy approx. 1h
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The vintage look is currently full on trend and with Marabu Chalky-Chic chalk paints it is really easy to achieve. The wet technique gives these flat wooden frames a lively appearance.

How it is done:

Marabu products you need...

  • Marabu Chalky-Chic grey blue 140, 225mli
  • Marabu Chalky-Chic ginger 114, 225mli
  • Marabu Chalky-Chic slate 174, 225mli
  • Marabu Chalky-Chic stone grey 169, 225mli
  • Marabu Chalky-Chic edelweiss 171, 225mli
  • Marabu Chalky-Chic powder pink 134, 225mli
  • Marabu Decor&Hobby,flat Gr.30 i

...additionaly things you need:

  • 3 Picture frames made of wood
  • Cotton cloth
  • Hook and cord