Colourful little ladybird!

The cute little bug was painted with puff paint. It has a cuddly feel to it and making and wearing the little work of art is really exciting!

Marabu 3D-Liner
medium approx. 1 hour
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Ladybirds are lucky and bring a smile to little faces. This bug has been painted with puff paint – that looks great and after puffing the design has a really cuddly feel to it. A great way to have fun with ladybird designs!

How it is done:

Marabu products you need...

  • Marabu 3D Liner 621 i
  • Marabu 3D Liner 638 i
  • Marabu 3D Liner 652 i
  • Marabu 3D Liner 662 i
  • Marabu 3D Liner 673 i
  • Marabu 3D Liner 670 i
  • Marabu fix it, 150 ml i
  • Marabu Foam Paint Roller 60 mmi
  • Marabu Fino, flat Gr.18 i

...additionaly things you need:

  • child's T-shirt (cotton and mixed fabrics with up to 20% man-made fibres, pre-washed, without finishes or conditioner)
  • soft pencil
  • craft knife or nail scissors