Chalky-Chic bowl

The good old clay or stone bowl became boring a long time ago, but it is still too nice to be thrown out. Turn it into a trendy object! The vintage look is full on trend and with Marabu Chalky-Chic chalk paints and the drying technique it is really easy to achieve. The trendy pastel shades and the surface with a brushed appearance give the simple object a unique, antique charm.



easy approx. 1h
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The drying technique is suitable for all smooth or textured surfaces. Smooth surfaces appear as if they were brushed while textured surfaces gain an almost tangible depth.

How it is done:

Marabu products you need...

  • Marabu Chalky-Chic slate 174, 225mli
  • Marabu Chalky-Chic edelweiss 171, 225mli
  • Marabu Decor&Hobby,flat Gr.20 i
  • Marabu Robust, flat No. 25 mm i

...additionaly things you need:

  • Bowl of earthenware or stone crockery
  • Duct tape